Here are some of my projects.


Corruption Screenshot

Corruption is an experimental computer game whose universe is the code for the game itself, and which is slowly being corrupted. The player must try to fight the progress of corruption by deleting troublesome pieces of code, while taking care not to destroy their own capacity to exist.

The game can be played online here. The source code is available on Github.

C**t Soul

C**t Soul Game Layout

C**t Soul is a card game being developed by Henri French and myself. It is based on the popular game S**t Head, which was first extended by Nemos Thorpe and Matthew Hopley to a game they called F**k Brains; we then extended F**k Brains by adding an additional layer of complexity. The game has a considerable number of rules, and is not for the faint-hearted. The rules can be found here, or in PDF format here.

Principles of Reflection in Higher-Order Logic

In my final year dissertation for my undergraduate degree, I investigated so-called 'reflection principles' in the context of higher-order set theory. The finished work may be found here.

A Level Notes Screenshot

During my A Levels, I created a website on which I posted my notes: It has become quite popular, and now recieves millions of visitors per year.