Sam Adam-Day (he/him)

AI and Mathematics PhD Researcher at the University of Oxford


I am interested in various topics related to ML/AI, specifically AI safety. Currently I am in my final of a PhD at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford.

Check out my GitHub page.

The following are broadly my current research interests. See also my list of publications.

  • Multi-agent cooperation
  • Graph machine learning
  • Active learning with large language models
  • Logic/set theory

The best way to contact me is by email:


Mar 16, 2023 My joint paper Polyhedral completeness of intermediate logics: the Nerve Criterion has been published by the Journal of Symbolic Logic.
Mar 8, 2023 My paper Uniform, rigid branchwise-real trees has been accepted by the Isreal Journal of Mathematics.
Feb 11, 2023 I’ve launched my new personal website!

Selected Publications

  1. gcn-zero-one.png
    Zero-One Laws of Graph Neural Networks
    Sam Adam-Day, Theodor Mihai Iliant, and İsmail İlkan Ceylan
  2. tree-geodesics.png
    On the continuous gradability of the cut-point orders of R-trees
    Sam Adam-Day
    Topology and its Applications, 2022
  3. elementary-subdivisions.png
    Polyhedral completeness of intermediate logics: the Nerve Criterion
    Sam Adam-Day, Nick Bezhanishvili, David Gabelaia, and Vincenzo Marra
    The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 2022